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Creating an Account

Instructions for Creating a New Parent Portal Account

Laurens County School District No. 55 is pleased to offer parents/guardians electronic web access to their child's school information through the "PowerSchool Parent Portal".  By using this system, you will use the Internet to log in to the school server and access your child's attendance, grades, and other information. 

video   SEE VIDEO PRESENTATION  (If you get a warning prompt, it is safe to proceed)
Ten Easy Steps to Set Up Your Account:

1)  Go to the "PowerSchool Parent Portal" link on the "Parents" menu of the district or any school website (

2)  Review the "Terms of Use".  By using the Parent Portal, you agree to these terms.

3)  Click on the "PowerSchool Parent Portal" button.

Portal Button

4)  Before you can log in, you must create your account at the bottom of the screen.  Click the "Create Account" button.

Create Account Button

5)  Enter your first name, last name, and email address.

6)  Enter your user name and password.  These can be almost anything you wish, but choose something you can remember.

7)  Under "Link Students to Account", enter your child's name (what you call your child). This is for your use.

Account Screen

8)  In the Access ID box, enter your Access ID code from the letter you received at the school.

9)  In the Access Password box enter your Access password, and then choose their relationship to you from the dropdown list.

10)  Press Enter.  If you have other children, you can enter them now or add them once you receive their access codes.


After pressing submit, you will be taken to the log in page where you can immediately log in to view your child's information. 

Login Screen

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